Radio Juni 2013 Sendung

The Fall – No Respects (Intro) & Sir William Wray
The Coup – Violet
Protomatyr – French Poet

The Fall – Noise
The Fall – Hittite Man
Death Grips – The Fever
Death Grips – Lost Boys

Snoop Lion – Tired Of Running
Snoop Lion – The Good Good

Santigold – God From The Machine
Helmet – Give It
Steel Pole Bath Tub – Thumbnail

Shellac – Doris
Death Grips – Punk Weight
The Fall – NoRespects rev.

Mudhoney – What To Do With The Neutral
My Disco – Guided
Snoop Lion – Get Away

Der Dritte Sektor – Tabula Rasa
Snoop Lion – No Guns Allowed
M.I.A. – Paper Planes

International Sleepers – Float
The Fall – Irish
Shellac – Wingwalker

Death Grips – Hustle Bones
Death Grips – I´ve Seen Footage


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